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About the primary element

Primary Element Luke DuranLuke Duran is a graphic artist composed mainly of oxygen (65%), carbon (18.5%), hydrogen (9.5%), nitrogen (3.3%), calcium (1.5%), phosphorus (1%), potassium (0.5%), and whole mess of trace elements, depending on what he had for dinner last night.

Growing up in Montana, Luke had big dreams of being 1) a marine biologist, and/or 2) a rock star. Sadly, the chemistry courses required for a marine biology degree were far too confounding to his right brain-dominant mind, and while he is a talented bass player, the arena rock world tour never quite materialized beyond a few summer tours around the northwest. Good thing he had a back up plan...

Luke was always the person recruited to create a fundraiser poster for the local 4-H club or the high school marching band. And as long as he didn't embellish the poster with too many mythical beasts or Iron Maiden logos, the posters were generally admired and utilized.

Armed with a graphic design education from Montana State University, Luke worked in Vancouver, Washington as art director for a multilingual communications company. Now relocated back to Montana, Luke operates Element L Design as a freelance designer, and also works part-time as art director for the award-winning Montana Outdoors, a magazine published by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks.
Visit Montana Outdoors magazine here: www.fwp.mt.gov/mtoutdoors

Luke and MarianneWith over 25 years of professional graphic design experience, Luke enjoys working on a myriad of design projects, from simple business cards to complex, full-color, die-cut marketing promotions. In addition to graphic design, Luke enjoys playing and listening to music, aquarium and pond design, landscaping, hiking and Mac computers.

On the weekends, Luke's alter-ego can be found playing in The Mighty Flick, a high-energy 80's dance band.
Visit Flick's website here: www.mightyflick.com

Luke lives in Helena, Montana with his wife Marianne, son Cadence, daughter Stella, dogs Lucy, Lily and Chupi, and Tito the cat.

p.s. Look around this site carefully, and you may discover some photos of the primary element during one of his hair-metal, bass slamming performances.

When I'm not wearing my freelance hat, I work as art director for Montana Outdoors magazine, published by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Here is the 2018 annual photo issue:

Montana Outdoors

Element L Design offers professional print and web graphic design for businesses and organizations.

We specialize in visual excellence for political campaigns, music and arts promotion, and non-profit organizations that seek to improve communities, education, health, and the environment.

I was recently honored with a Governor's award by Governor Steve Bullock for the design and layout Montana Fish, Wildlife & Park's 2016 Vision & Guide. Details here >>

Element L wins awards: I was honored to receive a "Four Paws" award from the Lewis & Clark Humane Society in recognition of my contributions to their mission.

Visit the LCHS website >>

As art director of Montana Outdoors magazine, we were recently awarded First Place by the Association for Conservation Information. This was our twelfth First or Second Place in the last twelve years!

Visit the Montana Outdoors website >>

A few logos I've recently designed:

Alive At Five logo

Grant Kier for Congress logo

Montana Mouthful

Montana Department of Labor and Industry logo

Cottontop Pastries logo


VIsit my portfolio page for details >>